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Pedar Holding

Pedar Construction Holding has been active in the construction and operation of key construction projects in the country for more than 25 years, and now with the cooperation of more than 1,000 active personnel at the level of its projects in the country, in order to achieve its lofty visions, As an Iranian company, it has entered the international arena and started building its first construction project in Northern Cyprus. The priority of Father Construction Holding in all its projects is to improve the quality of projects and the level of life and business of customers and investors. This goal is made possible by taking advantage of the experience of experienced managers, prominent architects and engineers, construction and operation of key projects in key and strategic points with modern design and up-to-date facilities.

Contactus Introduction father holding

Considering the change in the internal values of the parent holding and the decision to implement international projects and promote the organizational activity of the parent, it was decided that the visual identity and branding in the holding should be carried out in a professional and principled voice, therefore from the company and expert consultants in this field were invited and finally the process of changing the visual identity of the brand began and came to an end.

Branding and visual identity

According to the organization’s values, the new logo of Holding Pedder consists of 3 main elements: building (meaning a shelter and safe place of life), father parent (meaning a supporter), and an eagle (meaning a kingdom and ambition).

Father Holding's mission and vision

Mission: By providing diverse services and defining profitable investment projects in different parts of the world, while focusing on quality, accuracy and speed in technical and engineering, we work with the development of sales engineering knowledge. Buying and investing for our customers and investors in various investment projects, especially construction, should be easy, fast, safe and repeatable.

Vision: Our goal is to become the number 1 construction company in Iran and the most valuable company for small and large investments inside and outside of Iran in the subcategory areas.

Management team pedar holding ?

Mr. Mostafa Jabali CEO
Mr. Arzaniyan Legal Deputy
Mr. Taherabadi Technical and Engineering Deputy
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